What We Do & Why

The Social Innovation Collective is creating a new model for social innovation by breaking the silos between currently practiced methods and models. 

Communities are tackling wicked challenges today. We want to tackle those challenges with them by partnering with community leaders, social entrepreneurs, impact creators who are passionate and persistent to manifest their visions in their communities.

We help our partners learn and implement tested and emerging tools for social innovation.

But we do not stop there, we also evaluate the effectiveness of those tools for the larger social innovation field.  And also bring together problem solvers to experiment and build beyond the edges of social innovation. 

Our partners and we, are adamant about long term systemic and sustainable change. We do everything with a people, planet and profit approach. No exceptions. 

Who We Are


We are an intentional collective of highly skilled 'Impact Facilitators' & 'Impact Creators'. 


An 'Impact Facilitator' are proficient in creative problem solving. They hold the space for creativity and collaboration. They bring diverse perspectives and expertise in disciplines like design, entrepreneurship, behavioral science, applied economics, facilitation, institutional change and others. 


'Impact Partner's' are individuals or organizations who are passionate and persistent to manifest their visions in their communities. They nurture trust based long term relationships with the people they serve. They implement and execute for impact. 

We all share a common vision to help our communities thrive and also align on the principles and values that help us do that.